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  1. You can utilize the Parental Control option for various purposes like Blocking Internet access, Creating a schedule for accessing the Internet, and restricting children from accessing adult or malicious websites. During the configuration process of the Parental Control feature, you can also take the help of the manual guide of the Dlink router. You can configure the Parental Control option anytime using the dlinkrouter.local web management window.
  2. No user can enter the web menu Dashboard of an Amped router without going through the Amped router login window. A user must type a correct username and password in the router login window to interact with the setup.ampedwireless.com homepage. The default password assigned to the Amped router login window is “admin”. Users are being advised to change the default login password to deny unwanted users from controlling and managing the Amped router.
  3. The firmware of a dlink router should regularly be updated whenever a new version is available for it. A new version of firmware not only removes the bugs from your device and also updates the current features of a router that enhances efficiency of the router. The firmware of a Dlink router can be updated through two methods either through a manual method or directly through the dlinkrouter.local interface.
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