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  1. What do you guys think will happen with Java Edition? I personally think that at some point Bedrock will be the only version of min showbox ecraft supporting updates and that Java will not be updated anymore. Bedrock at the moment isn’t available for MacOS or Linux but once it is (hopefully at least for MacOS since i’m a Mac user) I feel that many players that aren’t mod speed test ders, or redstoners will switch to bedrock due to it’s outstanding performance, causing Java to lose popularity. Let’s see what awaits!
  2. so my character basically has like tan skin, wearing a black hoodie with the hood on, has a scar going from routerlogin his eyebrow to his lip on one eye (either eye) and just some dark blue not ripped jeans and a big blood stain on his shoulder if someone can make this for me, i would love that because i have 0 talent.
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