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  1. I play on Xbox one (not sure what edition, I just know it's for Xbox lol) and I was wondering if there was a way to get customs skins, other than the weird skin editor in game. I don't necessarily like the ones minecraft puts out, nor do I like any of the packs. Any help would be great. https://9apps.ooo/
  2. I seem to find a lot of Java Edition players with a supiriority complex over Bedrock Edition. I feel like that stems from lack of knowledge about Bedrock Edition. A few years ago I used to be like that, never wanting to be caught dead playing Bedrock Edition. But then I did research and now mostly play Bedrock. There are pros and cons to both Editions, and I want to. 192.168.l.l try and help explain why I and many others prefer Bedrock. Probably one of the biggest cons people have for Bedrock is the routerlogin redstone "sucks". And I can kinda see that. Our Redstone is far more unpredictable and we don't have nearly as many "features" as Java. However, those "features" are in fact glitches and bugs that the community has essentially forced the team at Mojang to keep in. Bedrock Edition also is able to do underwater redstone... just sayin. If you put footage of the two Editions together, it is easy to tell which is Bedrock, as Bedrock is significantly smoother and it renders faster and farther. We can have insanely high render distances and even then it runs smooth. Another problem I see people having is the Marketplace and Minecoins. People say that its like "if minecraft was made by EA" but unlike EA's microtransactions, it's still possible to have the full minecraft experience without ever opening the Marketplace. People also say how its not fair that we have to pay for all our skins, mods, maps, or resource packs. And while that is true and unfortunate, it is only true for console. Windows 10 and PE can freely download and import all of those things. I don't want this to go on forever, so I will be answering questions about Bedrock Edition in the comments if anyone has anything else. Thanks for reading!
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