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  1. To understand the difference, we need to go back to when Minecraft: Java was originally coded in 2010 by a college graduate. Minecraft Java was coded in, well, Java. However, Minecraft Bedrock was coded in C++, a much faster language than Java. What this omegle xender means in simple terms, is *Java edition was never made to support many players*, and was coded as such, in an easy language like Java. Bedrock edition is basically Microsoft remaking Minecraft from the ground up, but in a better, faster, manner. What I'm trying to say here, is Bedrock is inherently *faster* than Vanilla, unmodded, Java. However, that's not to say that it's faster then *modded* Java, in fact, quite the opposite, as shown by the pictures below. System tested with a R5 3600 and a GTX 1660S. Version 1.16.5. Mods used: Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor.
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