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  1. Im looking for a good host for a vanilla server that im gonna be playing on with 3-6 friends. I cant decide between all of the hosts but i have been considering a host called ExtraVM, but im not sure about it. If you have recommendations please tell me! https://9apps.ooo/
  2. So I spawned in my world in a snowy plains biome(snapshot 21w43a) and I started making a sugar cane farm. I haven’t gotten ve Mobdro ry far, but when I placed water down, after a while it froze. Didn’t think of this when I started building. Is this gonna be an issue? VidMate
  3. gioco su un origins smp con i miei amici. la mia origine è l'origine personalizzata del robot parziale. ho usato blockbench per creare modelli personaliz Appvalley zati according to i miei amici. ora voglio usarlo per creare una pelle più dettagliata, ma ho bisogno di una base according to questo. https://vlc.onl grazie in anticipo ! Tweakbox
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