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  1. Hello, A while ago I made a basic Minecraft server with the intention of playing with my friends. So far my husband can join, but he's using the same internet and resides in the same residence as I do. It took us a while to figure that out alone. omegle xender Our one friend who lives out of state cannot join. She can search the server up in game, but when she tries to join she gets the error message "Connection timed out no further information". We all have abhorrent internet (less than 7 mbps), but from what I read that shouldn't be an issue. We've tried to host servers for 7 Days to Die and had the same issues. Each of us has tried to make our own servers.
  2. Hello everyone! Welcome to The Lost Rift, a Minecraft Bedrock edition realm that is looking to push all boundaries to what can be done! The realm is fully vanilla with no add-ons or modifications. We're trying to make a Hermitcraft alternative for the Bedrock edition for veterans, elite builders, and redstoners to show off their skills to the world! Our aim is to have BIG projects, MASSIVE farms, a large and dedicated player base, and most importantly, to have fun!omegle xender We have all fallen through a portal, unconscious and without resources. After waking up, we realize there is a lush world waiting to be explored and colonized. Our mission is to build, extract resources, and colonize the lands for the betterment of mankind.
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