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  1. I was booking a hotel in Abu Dhabi for work when I noticed that the price I was paying wasn't for the single night but for the whole staying. I'm basically booking a 5+ stars hotel for 4 nights for the price I'd pay for a 3 stars hotel in NYC for a night. What's the reason behind this? It seems unreasonable since it's a country with very luxury-targeted tourism. (I've never actually been, this is my first time in the Emirates) best hotels in dubai
  2. I am a student teacher debating what type of teaching environment I want to work in. what is preschool Have any one you taught in a public school versus a child care center? Which environment did you prefer? Pros and cons of each? Fill me in!
  3. just started playing Minecraft for the first time in a year.. pretty damn great until I find out I'm banned on the server when I never even played it... I submit an appeal explaining it and with evidence but apparently, I have been cheating. Setup Free minecraft server someone tell me how I've been cheating if I never even played the game in the first place. thanks.
  4. It was working fine but then our wifi cut out. So I went onto the pc and started it again but my friends still couldn’t join. I’ve tried resetting up port forwarding but it still didn’t work. I can still join it but no one who isn’t on our wifi network can. I’ve tried restarting the pc and restarting our modem as well. Also the pc is plugged directly into the modem via ethernet if thats important.
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