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  1. minecraft java version all of a surprising started out walking truly badly for me after I did a gadget reset on my laptop (where it resets the computer returned to manufacturing unit settings with out re-putting in home windows 10 or deleting private documents). everything other utility i had before nevertheless works just great, but ever considering that i reinstalled java edition, even with optifine, i’ve been having problems. whereas formerly, pre-gadget reset i used to be getting from one hundred fps to 2 hundred continuously with optifine, now i sit at fifty five at first-class, with it regularly dropping all the way down to 30. i’ve done the entirety i should think of to make it run better, however it simply won’t. i’ve allotted greater ram, set java as a priority whilst it runs, reduced each graphical placing i'm able to think of, turned off anisotropic filtering, closed every spare tab, but i can't get the equal form of performance i used to get. it runs now with internal shaders the way it did earlier than while i used to be the use of bsl shaders. the version of minecraft optifine i’m presently using is 1.17, and my laptop has sixteen gigabytes of ram with a radeon pro wx5100, no ssd, it it allows any. if there are any minecraft java players that realize what may be inflicting minecraft java especially to run worse after a gadget reset, i’d want to pay attention when you have any solutions, i’m lost. this is probably a piece of a stretch, however because i’m simplest having this issue with minecraft java, this seems like a becoming region to invite.
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